Wedding And Gender Reveal

Wedding sparklers add the special sparkle to your wedding. Your family and friends will remember the magic of wedding day sparklers. Our wedding sparklers burn super bright, and last longer than most other brands. This is important to you, because you will want to have plenty of time to set up your guests and sparklers for pictures. These extra long sparklers let you get those amazing wedding photos that your family and friends will love. We carry 10, 20 and 36 gold metal wedding sparklers and Heart Sparklers.

All of our wedding day sparklers are premium metal wire and produce a very small amount of smoke. Sparklers made of wood (bamboo) or low quality sparklers create a lot of smoke and make it very hard for your photographer to get clear photos of your sparkling wedding sendoff.  Wooden sparklers tend to drop a lot of ash and ruin wedding gowns and just make an overall mess.

Sparklers made on a wire rod generate the least amount of smoke possible, burn longer, and do not drop ash which can burn your dress or suit. Cheap wedding sparklers made on wooden sticks are very smoky, drop burning ashes, make a big mess, and burn faster. Since cheap, wooden stick sparklers are a lot more smokey, this makes it harder for your wedding photographer to get the clear beautiful shots that you want.