Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers-----6 Pack

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Our heart shaped wedding sparklers have been designed specifically for weddings and romantic occasions, and will turn your wedding into a sparkling night to remember. Display them or hand them out as wedding favors. They make great centerpieces for your reception tables and can be used for spectacular sendoff lines. You can even add them to floral arrangements to make unique and creative centerpieces.

Additionally, our heart shaped wedding sparklers are made on a steel wire core, making them virtually smokeless. Each heart shaped wedding sparkler lasts for about 45-60 seconds, and for a sendoff line you will need about 3 to 5 sparklers per guest. What you don't want is a sendoff line with guests who's sparklers have gone out before you even begin your sendoff. Once lit, these sparklers burn down both sides of the heart until the flame finally meets at the bottom. They are the perfect inexpensive choice for weddings, parties and celebrations.

Heart sparklers are 10-3/4 inches long by 3-1/2 inches wide. They burn for about 45-60 seconds.